MD Dental Services Ltd are proud to announce our Dental Laboratory Partnership with ResMed (Global leaders in sleep and respiratory medicine), to provide a base in the UK for the Narval CC MRD.CAD/CAM and Laser Sintering technology means this MRD is ideal for the treatment of mild to moderate OSA and as an ANTI-SNORING DEVICE.

Known for innovation and excellence in treating sleep- disordered breathing, ResMed offers the first and only CAD/CAM mandibular repositioning device (MRD).


The first and only CAD/CAM solution ensures strong and precise fit


Thin and exible, it is one of the lightest devices on the market with durability guaranteed


Optimized articulation along the occlusal plane provides superior patient comfort

AASM Practice Parameters

Oral appliances are indicated for use in the following patients:1

1st Line Treatment

  • Mild to moderate OSA (AHI 5–30) for patients who:- Prefer MRDs over CPAP
    – Do not respond to CPAP
    – Are inappropriate candidates for or fail CPAP – Fail behavioral measures treatment
  • Primary snoring for patients who do not respond or are not appropriate candidates for behavioral measures treatment2nd Line Treatment• Severe OSAS (AHI>30) in case of lack of compliance with CPAP

Technical benefits

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) enables a high degree of customization to suit the complex dental anatomy of individual patients
  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) through selective laser sintering guarantees a consistently accurate MRD
  • Made of highly resilient and durable biocompatible polymer material; Narval is metal-free, flexible and lightweight
  • Narval CC focuses retention on select teeth, relying on material friction and unique design to secure the device in place and maintain efficacy
  • Resmed has taken innovation one step further by integrating digital impressions into its manufacturing process. Dentists can use an intra-oral scanner from 3Shape or Dentsply Sirona to order a Narval oral appliance. The rapid, efficient digital workflow saves time by eliminating the need to pour models and send impressions by post and by speeding up the manufacturing process

Clinical benefits
High compliance

• 80% of patients wear the Narval device seven nights a week by six weeks into the treatment2
• Treatment compliance was high after 18 months with the Narval CC being worn an average of 6.2 nights per week3
• Easy to titrate, highly adjustable (15 mm protrusive range–1 mm increments)
Demonstrated results
• Patients with moderate OSA exhibited an average decrease in apnea–hypopnea index (AHI) of 57%4 • Rapid improvement on parameters of sleepiness and quality of life2

Patient benefits
Discrete and comfortable—yet effective

• Minimal bulk in the mouth ensures patient comfort and compliance
• Lateral flexibility eliminates “locked-in” sensation and offers freedom to talk and drink
• Narval device does not load incisors, thereby limiting risk of incisor tilting and improving patient comfort

  • Easy handling
  • 98% of practitioners judged the scanning process to be convenient.
  • High satisfaction
  • 92% of dentists were very satisfied with Narval appliances made from digital impressions.
  • High accuracy
  • 81% of Narval appliances made from digital impressions fitted well without any adjustments
  • Patient comfort
  • 92% of patients found the Narval appliance to be comfortable or very comfortable Only 6% experienced a gag reflex

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1 American Academy of Sleep Medicine Guidelines, Update 2006 2 Vecchierini et al. Efficacy and compliance of mandibular repositioning device in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome under a patient-driven protocol of care. Sleep Med 2008;9(7):762-769 3 Dookun R. 18 month assessment of 54 patients referred for treatment of anti-social snoring (AHI ≤30/hr) with a custom mandibular repositioning device (MRD). Paper presented at the World Association of Sleep Medicine and Canadian Sleep Society Congress 2011 4 Geraads et al. First intention management of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) by custom-
made mandibular advancement device: the medium-term results. Prospective study by the General Hospital Pneumologists College (CPHG). Rev Pneumol Clin 2010;66(5):284-292</pre>
<pre>ResMed Corp San Diego, CA, USA +1 858 836 5000 or 1 800 424 0737 (toll free). ResMed Ltd Bella Vista, NSW, Australia +61 (2) 8884 1000 or 1 800 658 189 (toll free). See for ResMed locations worldwide. Narval and Narval CADCAM Technology are trademarks of ResMed SAS. ©2012 ResMed. Specifications may change without notice. 1015506/2 2012-11