Producing 3D digital study models for the NHS:

For the purposes of routine orthodontic monitoring, NHS Dental Services normally requests the records from five completed cases. Historically contract holders have been requested to submit plaster duplicates of the pre- and post-treatment study models. However since February 2014 contract holders are now requested to submit their pre- and post-treatment study models as 3D digital images in STL file form.

Send MD Scanning Services your models and we will scan, produce an STL file and email or Dropbox the results. We will then deal with the models on your behalf or send them back to you.

Study Model Archiving:

Rather than put your study or working models into storage, let MD Scanning Services take the strain.

We will:

  • Organise a pick up service through UPS, be it once a week or monthly.
  • Scan all models and send you the STL files.
  • Send you back the models or deal with them on your behalf.
  • If you should at anytime require ‘a hard copy’ just email the file and we will 3D print it and return by first class post

Is your surgery, garage or worse, your rented storage space becoming overwhelmed with years of models?

MD Scanning Services will quote for:

Full clearance, scanning, and eco-friendly destruction of your models.