MD Dental Active Aligner

MD Dental Services’ Active Aligner is an effective treatment for straightening teeth, offering outstanding results with little or no discomfort. Teeth are straightened painlessly and easily using a set of custom-made, removable aligners which gradually move the teeth until they reach their optimum position.

  • Discreet, comfortable and virtually invisible
  • Suitable for mild to moderate cases
  • Available in a choice of materials to suit your patient, 0.5-1mm
  • Flexible – your patients won’t have to order the full set at the beginning of treatment
  • Reviewed on a regular basis and tweaked if necessary to ensure the treatment stays on course

To ensure you and your patient’s peace of mind, we save your patient’s dental arch and store digital master copies, so that they can be remade with a moment’s notice in the event of loss or accidental damage.

Removable Appliances:

Removable appliances are basically any appliance which can be used to effect tooth movement.

MD Dental’s appliances are all custom-made for your patients with multiple design variations.

Our range of removable appliances can be used for early interceptive treatment, for simple cases, or as a build up to or post treatment of other functional or fixed appliances. Countless customizations are available on request.

Removable Appliances

Removable Appliances 1

Fixed Appliances:

Most fixed appliances are used for arch development.

They are more comfortable to wear than a removable appliance and most suitable for children. Fixed appliances will widen or elongate the dental arch and deliver more predictable results as the patients cannot (usually) remove them.

Space Maintainer, Tri Helix, Quad Helix, Palatal / Lingual Arch, Nance Bulb /Extended Arch / TPA

Rapid Maxillary Expansion, Bands, Bonded Retainer (twist-flex wire, bondabraid, straights)

Fixed Appliances

Fixed Appliances 1

Functional Appliances:

Herbst: Often used as an Anti-snoring Device

Functional appliances, also called orthopaedic appliances, are used mainly to correct a skeletal class II deformity. These hold the mandible in a forward position until the muscle reflex responsible for holding the mandible has modified so that the muscles are ‘reprogrammed’ to hold it in its new position.

Functional appliances can also be used to a limited extent for the correction of class III skeletal deformity, increase over-bite in deep bite cases and as night time appliances to help prevent some snoring cases.

Standard Twin Blocks, Advanced Twin Blocks, Dynamax, Herbst Appliance, Medium Opening Activator, Bionator, Semi Hard / Hard Guidance Splints, Michigan/Tanner Splint (denar)

orthopaedic appliances

Digital Services:

Model scanning & storage service

3D printed models

3D printed surgical guides

orthopaedic appliances 1