Why cast another coping when milling is an option?

Zirconium Dioxide – The perfect aesthetic choice!

This high-performance material can be used to create single crowns, inlays, full crowns, abutments and bridges up to 16 units, delivering superior aesthetics at all times

  • Biocompatible
  • Metal-free
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • 1300mp flexural strength

This nickel-free milled highly compatible bonding alloy is perfect for single crowns or large span bridgework.

  • NP Alloy – A true alternative to precious alloys
  • Ideal for private restorations
  • Aesthetic
  • Nickel and Beryllium free

Polyamide for temporary restorations

A reinforced polymer used to create aesthetic and biocompatible temporisation, which fits accurately to provide patients with a stable interim result. Veneered with GC Gradia to re-create life like aesthetics.