Dentistry’s ‘bread and butter’ but so important

All Bonded Crowns & Bridges are, except under separate instruction:

  • Die-trimmed under magnification
  • Milled from non-precious, nickel and beryllium free blocks
  • Cast in High Gold or Palladium based alloy (on request)
  • Supplied with a porcelain butt margin if possible
  • Built to conform to surrounding dentition
  • Light in occlusal contact while holding shim where specified
  • Seated onto an uncut model to check contact points, areas

Veneers can be produced in:

  • Porcelain
  • Gradia Composite
  • Pressable Ceramics
  • E-Max

Inlays and Full Crowns can be produced in:

  • Porcelain
  • Gradia Composite
  • Milled Zirconia or Non-Precious Metal
  • Pressable Ceramics
  • Cast 60% Gold
  • Cast 33% White

Maryland Bridges can be produced in:

  • Milled or Cast Metal and Porcelain
  • Milled Zirconia and Porcelain
  • Reinforced Gradia Composite
  • Pressable Ceramic

Full Crowns can be produced in:

  • 60% Yellow Gold
  • 33% White Gold
  • Milled Zirconia
  • Milled Non-Precious
  • Milled Plastic Temps
  • Gradia Composite
  • Acrylic Temps